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2011 Tata Magic Iris

2011 Tata Magic Iris
2011 Tata Magic Iris

The Tata Magic Iris is a four-wheel small passenger carrier in the public transportation space. In keeping with the company’s objective to offer safe and comfortable mobility, the Tata Magic Iris aims at upgrading the quality of travel for those who depend on three-wheelers.

Its spacious car-like cabin can comfortably seat four passengers – three at the back and one in the front beside the driver. The four wheels – either in options of 12-inch radials or 10-inch cross-ply – controlled by a steering provide car-like on-road stability, while the hard roof, made of sheet metal, provides car-like safety. In addition, car-like clear lens headlamps and tail lights also enhance safety.

The Tata Magic Iris steering and the cable shift transmission offer car-like driving ease. The 611-cc water cooled diesel engine, backed by a 10-litre fuel tank, is capable of running larger distances with a top speed of about 55 kmph and yet higher engine life. With a power of 11.3 PS (higher than small three-wheelers), the engine provides higher pulling power, gradeability and faster trips, resulting in higher earnings for the operator. The aggregates ensure lower maintenance cost. With its bouquet of features, the Tata Magic Iris will be the ideal small passenger carrier which will upgrade both the quality of public transportation and also the income of their owners.

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