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2010 Tata Pr1ma Concept

2010 Tata Pr1ma Concept
2010 Tata Pr1ma Concept

The Tata Pr1ma is a concept luxury sedan designed by Pininfarina. It combines the fundamental design characteristics of the Tata brand with sporty curvatures to create a coupe-like silhouette, simple yet refined with an inherent premium. The Tata Pr1ma’s large wheelbase of 2700 mm endows it with excellent interior space that a luxury sedan demands. The subtle treatment of the C pillar, the hallmark of a Pininfarina design’s elegance and sporty characteristic, brings forth a coupe-like sloped cabin and tapering back without compromising interior space. The interior spaciousness is also conveyed by the uninterrupted profile of the four doors. The lines that flow from the front all the way to the rear uniquely balance fluidity and tautness. The hood stretches all the way to the front, transmitting the right expression of power and strength. The rear is defined by a strong tapering of the volume, with the flowing lines coming together. Front and tail lights are described within the overall character lines and stretch the width of the car. The side view too underscores the energy and purposefulness in the car. The result is that the Tata Pr1ma concept exudes an overall elegance, endowed with style, luxury and comfort and proportions that are classical yet modern.

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    I love this 2010 Tata Pr1ma Concept, more power just makes it better.

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