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2010 MANSORY Rolls Royce Ghost

2010 MANSORY Rolls Royce Ghost
2010 MANSORY Rolls Royce Ghost

Automobile tuner Kourosh Mansory have recently completed their customization for the Rolls Royce Ghost. MANSORY Rolls Royce Ghost is one of the Mansory great works in combining precious materials with elaborate performance, individual appearance and stylish interior refinements.

2010 MANSORY Rolls Royce Ghost
2010 MANSORY Rolls Royce Ghost

The striking parts of the individualization of the MANSORY Ghost are the varnish in Gold and Blue, the modified radiator grill, the side skirts, the stainless steel sheeting, the rear spoiler and the rear skirt with the indicated diffuser and the two-pass end pipes of the double sport exhaust system, the enlarged bi-turbo chargers, and the optimization of the control electronics as well as the sports manifold and the sports catalysers.

Refined with the same golden varnish as the exterior are the monoblock rims that measure 22 inches, 9 inch wide wheels carry the high-performance tyres Dunlop SP SportMaxx in the dimension 265/35 at the front axle, and 10.5 inch wide wheels are fitted with tyres in the dimension 295/30 at the rear. To extend, large parts of the Ghost’s interior are covered by leather with diamond-quilted ornaments and are completed by an ultra-suede lining from the roof line to the dashboard.

Instead of serial 570 hp (420 kW), the Ghost’s engine refined by MANSORY now renders phenomenal 720 hp (530 kW) at 5,850 r.p.m. The MANSORY engineers catapult the maximum torque from 780 to 1,020 Newton metres. As a result, the Ghost’s engine can accelerate the 2,360 kg of the car from 0 to 100 km/h in only 4.4 seconds. It is half a second faster than the serial version.

With these performance values, Kourosh Mansory once again has understood to lift a luxury class automobile into even higher levels. For more information about the exclusive program of MANSORY Rolls Royce Ghost, please visit the web site

Photo Credit: © Mansory
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