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2009 Suzuki Alto

2009 Suzuki Alto
2009 Suzuki Alto

The new Suzuki Alto combines eye-catching style and easy urban mobility with great performance in terms of fuel efficiency and CO2 emissions, thereby meeting the lifestyle needs of today’s motorists and the pressing global need for environmental compatibility. Plus, it is one of the most fun-to-drive city cars available — a great new example of Suzuki’s “Way of Life!” philosophy.

2009 Suzuki Alto
2009 Suzuki Alto
2009 Suzuki Alto
2009 Suzuki Alto
2009 Suzuki Alto
2009 Suzuki Alto

As the second model in the second phase of Suzuki’s world strategy (a phase that’s focused on user-friendliness and delivering expanded possibilities for family members), the new Suzuki Alto offers good levels of comfort and convenience within a modest overall length.

2009 Suzuki Alto
2009 Suzuki Alto
2009 Suzuki Alto
2009 Suzuki Alto
2009 Suzuki Alto
2009 Suzuki Alto

Plus, a design that combines sporty, European-inspired looks with great aerodynamics means the new Suzuki Alto is the most stylish car of its size.

The new Suzuki Alto reflects the unparalleled knowledge of small-cars that has made Suzuki so successful with minivehicles in Japan and compact cars like the Swift all over the world. Suzuki Alto is a definitive response to the need for enjoyable, eco-friendly motoring. Suzuki aims to achieve annual sales of 60,000 units in Europe following a sales launch in spring 2009.

The new Alto is aimed mainly at urban people who want a small car that offers style and enjoyment together with great environmental credentials, and it reflects the ideals of the second phase of Suzuki’s world strategy. At the heart of the concept for the new Suzuki Alto is Suzuki’s belief that people should be able to enjoy economical, eco-friendly motoring without sacrificing style, comfort, practicality, or performance. Compact dimensions (the new Suzuki Alto is the smallest of Suzuki’s world strategic models) play a large part in realising outstanding environmental credentials by keeping weight to a minimum, but without detracting from user-friendliness.

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  1. tarachand says:

    Pls advice which color and which model# is this car,
    Is it available in India Also?

  2. Jnaneshwara G k says:

    please give me the price detail and bangalore dealer names

  3. Aditya says:

    Will the same model be released in India also? Or do we need to continue with the existing model only? Please let us know as we will know whether we should wait for it or not?

  4. Shery says:

    iwant to know how much in egyption pound

  5. Gautam says:

    Well this car is in India But it is called A-Star

  6. Mihira says:

    This car available in Sri Lanka.
    AMW PVT Ltd. Sri Lanka

  7. Harischandra says:

    Let me know about prices and seling procedure,I am in Dubai now.

  8. Brent says:

    Just bought our new 2010 Suzuki Alto GLX in Premium Red, 2 months ago for Aus$ 14,390. My family loved it. It’s got most of the safety features every driver wants. It’s not a racing machine, but it handles well on the freeway.

  9. Parakrama Jayathilaka says:

    Yes….! Very handy car too.

  10. Ajih says:

    I want to the total cost of Alto 2009 in Sri Lankan Rupees and list of dealers in Sri Lanka.

  11. Nirusha says:

    I want to the total cost of alto 2009 in sri lankan Rupees and list of dealers in sri lanka

  12. ranuka says:

    i want to know the cost of 2009 Suzuki Alto 996cc in sri lankan Rs. is there any show rooms to see this car in sri lanka?

    thank you

  13. Jagger says:

    It’s called A-star in sri lanka sells for under 2 million. AMW are the agents.

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