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2009 Mansory Porsche 997

2009 Mansory Porsche 997
2009 Mansory Porsche 997

The Mansory engineers attached great importance to an individual design, but also aerodynamic efficiency to the Porsche 997. In order to save weight and guarantee highest quality standards, the body components are made of PU-RIM. Also, parts of the serial auto body are made of this resilient and inherently stable material. The core part of the body kit is a lift-reducing front mount in a sportive-dynamic look. In connection with the hood, the front apron offers various design possibilities.

2009 Mansory Porsche 997
2009 Mansory Porsche 997
2009 Mansory Porsche 997
2009 Mansory Porsche 997

On the one hand, it forms the perfect symbiosis with the serial hood, as an especially designed inlay allows a seamless junction. And on the other hand, the apron can be combined with the Mansory carbon hood whose striking side beads demonstrate individuality and underline the sportive character of the modification. The rear apron is not less impressive: it accommodates the new fourpipe exhaust system and therefore renders a harmonic rear finish. The visual perfection of the aerodynamics pack is accomplished with the side skirts which also fulfil functional tasks. They significantly calm the air flow between both axles.

Photo Credit: © Mansory
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  1. Kennedy says:

    Please can you tell me when will the 2009 Mansory Porsche 997 be available in Hungary?

  2. Andrew says:

    I’m a real big porsche person i love the car looks and handles.

  3. Q8tY4eVeR says:

    i have a carrera s 2005
    with a 2010 body kit and silver color like this one

    is there any chance that i could get these babies
    on my car ??

    those r awsome

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