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2009 Irmscher Chevrolet Captiva

2009 Irmscher Chevrolet Captiva
2009 Irmscher Chevrolet Captiva

Chevrolet’s Captiva model offers customers a sporty and compact SUV featuring futuristic four-wheel drive technology and a compact exterior design. Irmscher, the vehicle individualisation partner, offers individual styling enthusiasts a dynamic car body package and high quality accessories for the interior. In technical terms, Irmscher equips the Captiva with 20-inch Evo-Star design wheels and lowers the suspension by 30 mm. By introducing confident design features, Irmscher skilfully integrates its sporty accessories into the functional design of this four-wheel drive vehicle. As well as being able to purchase the Irmscher products at any Chevrolet dealership, customers can also place orders for incorporation of their requirements directly at the Irmscher site in Remshalden prior to new vehicle delivery.

2009 Irmscher Chevrolet Captiva
2009 Irmscher Chevrolet Captiva
2009 Irmscher Chevrolet Captiva
2009 Irmscher Chevrolet Captiva
2009 Irmscher Chevrolet Captiva
2009 Irmscher Chevrolet Captiva

Sporty and functional styling from the front to the rear

2009 Irmscher Chevrolet Captiva
2009 Irmscher Chevrolet Captiva

Irmscher developed the styling of the body components with specific consideration of the functional requirements of SUVs. The components are produced from materials that conform to the manufacturer’s requirements with regards to accuracy of fit, durability and robustness. In this respect, designers created a striking front bar, elegant and sturdy side running boards and a roof spoiler – products that meet all the technical and visual requirements in both on-road and off-road environments. In short, individualistic visuals that accentuate the Captiva’s striking design without detracting from its off-road worthiness. From a side-on vehicle perspective, special features include styling highlights such as door handle spoilers as well as refined, stainless steel-look door handle covers.

Highest level of comfort and first-class workmanship

Shiny stainless steel entry bars with Irmscher logo provide comfortable access to the interior of the Chevrolet Captiva individualised by Irmscher, offering passengers the highest level of comfort. Upon request, all elements of the seating can be supplied in high quality leather, featuring an elegant look and feel as well as being manufactured to the highest standards of workmanship. Irmscher can fulfil all customer requirements with respect to material, colour and workmanship. Further individual details from the Irmscher interior programme for the Captiva include a leather multi-function steering wheel as well as a leather central arm rest and gear stick gaiter which are matched to the leather trim.

Technical aspects
Better driving dynamics

Irmscher’s perfectly matched, 30mm lower suspension for the Captiva endows the vehicle with more dynamic driving characteristics. Furthermore the Irmscher engineers have given the Captiva a “more powerful” appearance in the form of 20-inch Evo-Star design light alloy wheels. These wheels are also available in the Turbo-Star design with a diamond cut surface.

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    I love the chervolet captiva and am sure to pick one up for myself.

    This car is great,,,,

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    what mileage does one get from a Chev Capita on a full tank of petrol

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