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2008 Chevrolet Camaro Black Concept

2008 Chevrolet Camaro Black Concept
2008 Chevrolet Camaro Black Concept

It’s hard to go unnoticed in a 2010 Camaro, but the Camaro Black Concept suggests a stealthy approach to street style. From its matte black-finished hood and ground effects to its dark wheels and red-glowing HID headlamp halo rings, the Camaro Black Concept is a sinister-looking urban tuner vehicle.

2008 Chevrolet Camaro Black Concept
2008 Chevrolet Camaro Black Concept
2008 Chevrolet Camaro Black Concept
2008 Chevrolet Camaro Black Concept
2008 Chevrolet Camaro Black Concept
2008 Chevrolet Camaro Black Concept

The Camaro Black Concept prowls the streets with the following equipment:

2008 Chevrolet Camaro Black Concept
2008 Chevrolet Camaro Black Concept

— Chevy Accessories ground effects package and rear diffuser
— High-intensity discharge headlamps with unique red “halo ring” color
— Revised, darker grille finish
— RS tail lamps with dark-tinted lenses
— Color-matched exterior badging
— SS-model spoiler
— Matte black hood finish
— Tinted glass
— Chevy Accessories 21-inch wheels with darkened finish
— Brembo four-wheel disc brake package

The interior also carries a slightly sinister ambience, with:

— Red LED instrument lighting and red footwell ambient lighting
— Black chrome trim accents
— Dark-finished accents, including the shift knob, radio face, steering wheel ring, gauge trim and door handles
— Custom sill plates
— Leather-covered seats with grey accent stitching

The Camaro Black Concept also features Chevy Accessories’ premium audio upgrade package, along with MTX speakers.

Under the hood is the production 3.6L V-6 that produces 300 horsepower. A Chevy Accessories engine cover provides a suitable accent.

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  1. Gregory says:

    Thank You in advance.

  2. Bryson says:

    Thank You in advance.

  3. Caden says:

    bravos Chevrolet

  4. Delta says:

    How much would a model like this cost?
    Because I am actually saving up. Already got £85,000 saved.

  5. Felicia says:

    How much do es that model cost?

  6. Bill says:

    so were would i be able to purchace one of theses and will i still be able to get this model in the future (semi-near).

  7. Felicia says:

    How much does the Black Concept Camaro cost?and can i get one?

  8. Essa says:

    Now that’s what I call a muscle car..

  9. Mia says:

    Where ever can I get one? How much does it cost?
    Essa’s right. That’s a muscle car right there! Looks liek a Transformers car.

  10. Delta says:

    @Mia – Bumble Bee’s “car” is a Chevrolet Camaro 2009 release.
    I really want this concept and wish for someone to post details or something…

  11. Twitch says:

    Like most I would like to know the price of this model and where I might find one. This car has the exact style and colors I was looking for with the right accents and accesories. Please try to get this information to me as soon as possible. Thank you.

  12. Clay says:

    That is one HELL of a car!!!!

  13. Andrew says:

    I agree with Essa & Mia that is a nice musclecar. I esspecialy like the color the heaad lights are. i think that black and red is the best color combo ever.

  14. derekbb says:

    ok guys unless they did something to the engine, this car is basically stock. Look: the ground effects kit is purchased as an option for like 1500, the interior is the same minus the red lighting. so the only thing that will cost you is the matte hood, black rims, red lighting and halo lights which isnt that much. dont expect to pay more than 40k for this. 33k stock, and im being gracious with the rims and hood btw.

  15. Brandon Flowers says:

    Im currently over seas but should be returning in december. Im 21 in the military. Im very intrested in this car. Where are you located? What is the starting price for this car? Since its only a 2008 does that mean there isnt many in stock? Is there a posibility i’ll get a chance to purchace the vehicle?

  16. Mathli420 says:

    Nice looking car but I can tell u from a Law Enforcement point of view that (in the State of Texas) those red lights in the front are illegal to run on public roadway!

  17. Jessica Noble says:

    deeeelicious looking car…who cares what they paid to upgrade this beauty…if i ever saw this car on the road it would be hard to not car-jack it. lol (just kidding of course mister officer).

    Well done Guys!!!

  18. jasmine says:

    i want it …. my dream ….

  19. Bobby says:

    love this car, does anyone know where it can be bought near ohio?

  20. josh says:

    this is a very nice car love the way i can downshit in my automatic to make it louder makes it where i can show off the power of my car and also love the led underglow!!!!

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